Our Needs

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St. Mary's Food Bank provides emergency food services to the poor and needy whose circumstances bring them to us for assistance.  As a non-profit all-volunteer organization, we rely on donations and grants to help us provide food to the disadvantaged in the community who depend on us for food insecurity.  Removing the "where-the-next-meal-will-come-from" for these families provides them the breathing space they need to concentrate on their other problems.  
Basically about 50% of our basic food is donated from a variety of sources including Idaho Food Bank, El Ada, local bakeries, and parishioner donations.  However, this donated food falls significantly short of meeting the needs of the Food Bank in terms of quantity and nutrition.  The Food Bank, therefore, is compelled to supplement the donations with purchased nutritious food, in order to furnish a full allocation of food to the clients.
The Food Bank is totally dependent on donated funds to purchase the supplemental food.
As a registered 501(c)(3) non profit all food donations and cash contributions are tax deductible.  
Donations of money, non-perishable food items and fresh fruit and vegetables are graciously accepted along with personal care items.