Food Assistance Information

St. Mary's food bank does have a limited service area.  We serve individuals living in area codes 83702, 83703, 83706 and 83714, as well as veterans or active military who live anywhere in the Treasure Valley.

New clients needing food assistance should try to arrive at our facility no later than 30 minutes before closing, and a volunteer will ask you to fill out brief paperwork.  After your initial visit, you can return for food assistance once per month by presenting photo identification. 

In order to complete the required paperwork, you must provide:
  • Photo identification for all members of household aged 18 and over.
  • Proof of your current address, dated within 60 days, for all members of household aged 18 and over.
  • Identification for members of household under aged 18.
  • Total household income
  • You will be asked the names and birth dates of all individuals in the household.
 Examples of photo ID include:
  • driver's licence
  • government issued ID card
  • passport
  • school photo ID 
Examples of a current proof of address include:
  • current official lease or rental agreement
  • current car registration or insurance
  • current official piece of mail from a government agency, utility or medical bill
Examples of identification for those under 18 include:
  • social security card
  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • school ID
  • immunization records
  • medical insurance card


Click here for registration form in English
Click here for registration form in Spanish