Our Program

St. Mary's Food Bank provides emergency food assistance to our clients on a once a month basis.  A typical family of four receives a 7 to 10 day supply of food.  Each of these families are given a "personalized food pack" that addresses their particular needs. 
 St. Mary's Food Bank implemented a special custom-made program developed for us by Idaho State University.  Using the federal "My Plate" guide as the standard for "nutritionally-balanced" meals, the team developed an easy-to-use point scheme to confirm that each of the five required nutritional categories (Grain, Dairy, Protein, Fruits and Vegetables) are represented in the box.  SMFB strives to offer foods to provide 25% of a person's needs for a month based on the "My Plate" food guide that meet the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) guidelines (refer to information table below).

St. Mary's Food Bank Nutritional Program