About Us

St. Mary's Food Bank is a volunteer organization that has provided emergency food services to the poor and needy since 1989.  With our proximity to North Boise and Garden City, we are the primary food bank servicing "the poorest section of Ada County."  Low rents in this area make it home to a high level of poor, immigrant, and homeless poverty stricken families, most with children.  We are also meeting the needs of numerous low income working families who are struggling to make ends meet, but earn a bit more than the required limits to qualify for assistance and come to us for help.


For calendar year 2016:
  • We served a monthly average of 762 families, feeding 2,246 individuals and 857 children.
  • The amount of needy and distressed people we serve has increased dramatically since 2008.
  • The decrease in client visits in 2016 reflects an improvement in the state of the economy.